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Residential properties by David Morrison Associates span
large areas of the island. Villas are arranged by region, with a
general description on each region. Click on the individual regions
or take a look at our new Featured Projects page.
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Lowlands / Terres Basses
The western tip of St. Martin boasts many large estates, ranging
from hilltop hideaways to beach front villas. This area is one of the few
residential areas on the island that has large areas of flat land and lagoon
access. Many houses have large boathouses on the water.
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Cassava, click for more! Cassava
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Terres Basses
Tamarind Hill
Tamarind Hill is a gated estate on the eastern side of St. Maarten
with beautiful views and constant trade winds. Houses here adhere to
strict aesthetic codes and are designed to maximize the cooling sea
breezes. DMA has designed over twenty houses in Tamarind Hill.
Jackson, click for more!
Tamarind Hill
Morrison Residence, click for more!
Tamarind Hill
Guana Bay / Gibbs Bay / Red Pond
The houses in Guana Bay, Gibbs Bay, and Red Pond Estates
overlook the unspoiled wild beaches of the windward side of the island.
Like Tamarind Hill, they take full advantage of the magnificent
views and steady breezes.
Guana Bay villa, click for more!
Vincens Villa
Guana Bay
Red Pond Estates villa, click for more!
Red Pond Estates
Pelican Key
One of the most popular residential areas of St. Maarten,
Pelican Key overlooks the calm waters and sunsets of the western
side of the island. David Morrison Associates designed many of the
early houses here, with the total approaching twenty.
Villa, click for more! Villa
Pelican Key
Villa, click for more!
Pelican Key
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